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About ddocuments

I am a 15 year old student, who live in Vancouver B.C. My interests include: -Movies -Video games Unfortunately, all of these things are gone, as I have to spend my summer in some old cottage, in the upper coast of British Columbia, with my Grandmother.

Just some bullshit

So if you’ve read my blog at all, you would have noticed a THIRTY DAY ABSENCE!

Now, don’t worry, Derek’s going to explain it all:


On the third, the internet cable the fuels the cottage was ripped out of the ground, presumably by an animal looking for grub, or something. Seeing that we’re in the middle of f***ing nowhere, you’d understand why it would take awhile to fix.

Okay, onto bizn-nuss: A few (actually serveral) weeks ago, I said I would look around the cottage, and I did, found some creepy shit too. In a box in the attic, there’s an entire stack of papers of the same drawing, along with some old photographs of the woods. I’ll post some pics of the drawing, but I can’t get a pic of the photos, because it’s either too blurry, or the quality looks like it was taken by a potato.

Grandma’s not too happy about the snooping around, so she wouldn’t let me use the computer for an entire week, hence, longer wait.






Interesting stuff.

While I was looking around the cottage, I found some cool stuff I’d like to share with you guys.

So aside from the woodcrafts, my grandmother seems to be fond of the woods, as I found many paintings that depict forests, and what not.

Also, I found 20 dollars while I was at it. =D

Latr, Derek.

Bad sleep

Hey guys, quick update for today.

Last night I had a weird dream, or nightmare, I can’t decide.

The dream had something to do with my grandmother burning her wooden figures, and a bunch of old personal photos. The rest of the dream involved the woods, or something, I don’t remember.

Anyway, I thought I should post this, as it woke me up at 4 am.

Later, Derek

Old People

My Grandmother keeps on giving me a concerned look when ever I use my laptop, like something bad was going to happen to me if I keep using it. maybe she thinks it’s going to “rot my brain” or something stupid like that.

Old people instincts much?


Later, Derek

Chores, Chores, and Chores……. Did I mention Chores?

Hey there guys, sorry about the inactivity,  time for an update.

So it seems that my job here is going to be gardening (yes, a OLD PERSON job!), so that means I’m going to spend more time outside (Ugh).

Here’s what my day looks like:

-Morning: Breakfast

-Noon: tend to garden

-Afternoon: lunch, followed by more gardening (4 more hours!)

-evening: Dinner, and bed


Later, Derek

Smelly house.

I just had first night in this old place, smells like rotting wood, and deer carcasses. Nothing but old landscape paintings,  and several woodcraft sculptures lying around. Which, by the way, all look like the wooden mannequins you buy at an art shop. Probably typical for a coastal B.C cottage eh?

Strange that my Grandmother has internet,  because there isn’t a computer anywhere. I hope  I don’t need to play dominoes with her to use it.

Later, Derek

Hello There!

Hi, my name is Derek Opfer, a generic high school student.

Recently, my parents decided to sent my to my Grandmother cottage for the ENTIRE SUMMER! There  isn’t even an once of technology here; no TV, no radio, no phones, no nothing. The only thing my Grandmother has is an old Polaroid camera.

Luckily, I managed to bring a few of my own gadgets, like my laptop, my phone, and my camera. And to pass time, I create this blog to “Document” my experiences (hence the title), and hopefully I might be able to find something interesting in this mosquito-infested place.