Monthly Archives: September 2011

Just some bullshit

So if you’ve read my blog at all, you would have noticed a THIRTY DAY ABSENCE!

Now, don’t worry, Derek’s going to explain it all:


On the third, the internet cable the fuels the cottage was ripped out of the ground, presumably by an animal looking for grub, or something. Seeing that we’re in the middle of f***ing nowhere, you’d understand why it would take awhile to fix.

Okay, onto bizn-nuss: A few (actually serveral) weeks ago, I said I would look around the cottage, and I did, found some creepy shit too. In a box in the attic, there’s an entire stack of papers of the same drawing, along with some old photographs of the woods. I’ll post some pics of the drawing, but I can’t get a pic of the photos, because it’s either too blurry, or the quality looks like it was taken by a potato.

Grandma’s not too happy about the snooping around, so she wouldn’t let me use the computer for an entire week, hence, longer wait.