Hello There!

Hi, my name is Derek Opfer, a generic high school student.

Recently, my parents decided to sent my to my Grandmother cottage for the ENTIRE SUMMER! There  isn’t even an once of technology here; no TV, no radio, no phones, no nothing. The only thing my Grandmother has is an old Polaroid camera.

Luckily, I managed to bring a few of my own gadgets, like my laptop, my phone, and my camera. And to pass time, I create this blog to “Document” my experiences (hence the title), and hopefully I might be able to find something interesting in this mosquito-infested place.




About ddocuments

I am a 15 year old student, who live in Vancouver B.C. My interests include: -Movies -Video games Unfortunately, all of these things are gone, as I have to spend my summer in some old cottage, in the upper coast of British Columbia, with my Grandmother. View all posts by ddocuments

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